Organic vs. Conventional

So the other day I had a client ask me what the differences are between Organic and Conventional produce.  While there are some difference in the micronutrients of food as described below, there is not not a large body of evidence showing differences in the macronutrients of various produce (ie carbs, protein, and fat). Primarily, we are looking at the farming practice.  So how do you choose?  Well take a look at the graphic below to see if Organic practices align with your personal food and nutrition philosophy.  If these issues are not a big deal to you, by all means go with conventional.  It's going to be cheaper on the ole' wallet for sure and you are going to get TONS of health benefits any time you bump up the plant content of your diet.  Have more questions regarding antibiotics, pesticides, and fertilizers in your food? Reach out and I'd be happy to dig in with you.

Organic vs Conventional Farming Practices.png
Organic farming benefits.png