Dietetic Internship Interview Questions

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This is a love letter to all my dear nutrition students,

I know how stressful Dietetic Internship interviews can be, and I want to help you out through the process! The key is preparation to help you feel confident, and so I’ve developed a list of internship interview questions that will help you through this time.

These are the questions I used to practice for my interviews, and let me tell you, they helped me land the internship of my dream at Cal Poly, SLO! And even before Match Day, I had verbal confirmation from THREE different schools that I was on the top of their acceptance list.

So bookmark this page now. Go through these questions, take notes, and then -this is the key- practice giving your answers by talking out loud! It’s one thing to go through it in your head; it’s completely different when you actually speak the words. Trust me. Practice with your classmates or boyfriend or your mom. I promise you will thank me later!

As a former coach for All Access Internships, I know a thing or two about helping dietetic students beat the odds and get matched. Please feel free to ask me any questions! I am here to help!

Dietetic internship interview questions

  1. What is the future of the dietetic profession? 

  2. We have all had an experience either professionally or personally where we did not live up to the expectations of another.  Describe a situation in which this may have happened to you including your reaction and how you were affected by this experience.

  3. The internship will require a large commitment of time, energy and financial resources over a 12 month period.  Do you anticipate any problems achieving this level of commitment. 

  4. Please describe a patient or client contact you have had in a nutrition related setting.  Please describe the setting and tell us, what the most enjoyable aspect?  What was the least enjoyable or most challenging aspect?

  5. Is there some unique quality or skill you will bring to us?

  6. How will you add value to our institution as an intern?

  7. Tell us about a time when you had to deal with an extremely difficult or unhappy customer, patient, or co-worker.  How did you deal with the situation and what was the outcome?  Would you do anything differently next time?

  8. Have you ever worked in an ethnically diverse setting?  If so, please tell us what that experience was like for you.

  9. Summarize yourself in 3 words, with one word describing strength, weakness, and the third, up to you.

  10. What is the most difficult thing you have ever done or your greatest challenge in your life (not work related)? What/how did you overcome it and tell us what you learned from it?

  11. You receive a consult for diet education for a client.  The client arrives and is not interested in making any dietary changes.  How would you handle this situation?

  12. If an overweight teenage boy came to you to discuss his eating habits and his mother was controlling the conversation, how would you handle the situation?

  13. What three topics would you discuss with a newly diagnosed diabetic?

  14. If you were asked to give a presentation at a health fair on three current trends in nutrition, what would they be?

  15. If you had the opportunity to choose any topic and conduct research on it, what would you choose and why?

  16. What do you think of the idea of implementing BMI measurements in schools K-12?

  17. A man comes to see you for a consultation and he brings a new supplement that he bought at a natural foods store.  The supplement claims to lower cholesterol, but you have never heard of the supplement before.  How would you handle the situation.

  18. Name two current trends in the field of dietetics.

  19. What would you do if you were in charge of a kitchen during the food rotation and only half of your staff showed and there was only an hour before breakfast?

  20. What would you do if you found out someone completely disregarded your recommendation?